Lower Columbia School Retirees Association  Unit 12

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Attention: classified, certified and administrative people

Time flies when you are living your life. Who is looking out for your retirement benefits? WSSRA is.

Washington State School Retirees Association (WSSRA), with 18,000 members, is working to protect, maintain and improve pension benefits for all school employees.

What do you get from WSSRA for $7 a month?

Year-around efforts with a professional staff...

• An Executive Director 

• A Legislative Director

• Two contract lobbyists 

• The WSSRA Legislative Committee 

• A state-wide legislative e-mail tree

• The JOURNAL magazine, and the e-mail flyer Legislative Insights

Additional benefits include:

• State Scholarships for 12th graders pursuing a career in education

• Our local Unit offers 3 scholarships for college-age students

• Our local unit offers around 40 Mini-Grants to school employees 
• Local newsletters

• Social Networks

• Community service projects

• Retirement Seminars for all school employees

• Membership benefits through AMBA such as travel, insurance programs and discounts on hotels, car rentals, computers, etc.

Join WSSRA today!
It’s worth the $7 a month.

For a form to start your membership.


The Lower Columbia School
Retirees Association (UNIT 12)
is a member of the WSSRA.

Contact our president
Noel McRae
(360) 425-6495

Regular monthly meetings
Third Tuesday of the month
9:30 AM
Somerset Retirement Apartments
2025 Tibbetts Drive
 Longview, WA (Map)

(Behind the Ocean Beach
Dairy Queen)
Optional $3.00 brunch

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